Enhancing the Environment


Enhancing the environment and biodiversity, and supporting a strong and sustainable green economy are at the heart of Defra’s Business Plan for 2017..

Our priority areas of work include:

  • Natural environment and biodiversity
    Reducing the rate of biodiversity loss in England, in line with our goal to halt overall biodiversity loss by 2020
    Handing more control to local communities and civil society, with benefits from re-connecting people and nature
    Negotiating for an increased commitment internationally to sustainable use and management of natural resources
  • Green economy, green business
    Leading the way as a Government in sustainable operations and policy.
  • Climate change
    Encouraging society to plan ahead effectively to address the risks and opportunities of the impact of climate change.
  • Flooding and coastal change
    Improving our resilience in face of flooding and coastal change risks.
  • Marine
    Promoting more sustainable management and use of marine resources.
  • Waste
    Encouraging a more sustainable approach to the use of materials and management of waste throughout society.
  • Water
    Enhancing competition, efficiency and affordability through a reformed water industry
    Achieving a more sustainable balance between demand for and availability of water, with improving water quality
  • Local environments
    Improving human health and wellbeing through action on the local environment, particularly improving air quality.